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Facts on Biblical Healing

God's will is for us to expect to receive divine healing every time we are attacked.

  • We are commanded to heal all of the sick; we do not need a special "leading or unction."
  • Every believer already has all the authority they need to minister healing.
  • Every believer can minister healing effectively.
  • God's desire is to heal ALL of our diseases just as He forgives ALL of our sins.
  • Jesus never asked God the Father to heal anyone, He commanded healing and deliverance.
  • Jesus healed thousands at a time without requiring them to repent or believe for themselves.
  • Great faith is not necessary or the key to receiving divine healing from disease.
  • The disciples did not "intercede" for healing; they commanded spirits of infirmity to leave.
  • Our traditions about healing have hindered us from demonstrating the power of God.
  • Unconfessed sins may make people sick but they do not keep them from being healed.
  • Jesus healed them all, regardless of their level of faith, or if they wanted to be healed.
  • Jesus never tried to find the root cause of the illness or the sin that "opened the door."
  • Jesus was never prevented from healing due to "Generational Curses".
  • Jesus taught the disciples to command spirits of infirmity to leave rather than to intercede or to convince them to leave.
  • We are commanded to lay hands on the sick.
  • The commandment to heal the sick is sufficient without a rhema word or special leading.
  • Healing sometimes takes time to manifest, while miracles are usually instant.
  • Healing for every illness has already been provided by Christ's beating at the whipping post.
  • God is an equal opportunity healer, He is not a respecter of persons.
  •  God is never the cause of a delay in healing.
  • God never causes illness to teach us a lesson; it is never His will for us to be sick.
  • We are to command the power of God without picking and choosing who is worthy.
  • We have authority to cast out even the devils that people think they want to keep.
  • Signs and wonders follow believers.
  • We do not wait for a new command every time someone needs healing.
  • The Holy Spirit, in you, is always instantly available to destroy the works of the devil wherever you are, whenever the need arises.
  • God will heal through any believer, because it is not about us, but about His goodness.
  • Every believer is God's child, man's servant and the devil's master.
  • We don't beg God for healing; we proclaim freedom for the captives and/or prisoners.
  • There is no one who is so bad that God will not heal them.
  • The main hindrance to receiving healing, is believing that there are hindrances to receiving healing.
  • Because Christ is in you, you already have all the power and anointing that you need.
  • God's anointing which abides within you is always ready to heal and is always willing.
  • Sickness is the devil's work and Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.
  • We must exercise our authority, and refuse to accept any returning sicknesses.
  • Returning to sin can enable a spirit of infirmity to return but it does not give them the authority to return.
  • We will reap what we sow. If we sow death and destruction we will reap there of.


John G. Lake's Secrets of Divine Healing


  • Recognize sickness and disease as an enemy
  • Destroy sacred cows concerning sickness and power
  • Get Fed Up
  • Treat all sickness the same 
  • Treat all sickness like a person
  • Command not beg
  • Speak to the problem – not to others about the problem
  • See people as oppressed prisoners of war
  • Get clean – stay clean
  • Stay out of pride – anyone could do what you are doing
  • Be aggressive – develop your aggressiveness
  • Be led by God’s character and nature
  • Accept responsibility for your fellow man
  • Decide to obey the Bible, not some arbitrary feeling
  • Know that God is with you, in you, and for you

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Don't Wait for a Feeling

Most people want to wait until they "feel" anointed before they try to minister to someone else.
Some have even been taught that they must wait until they feel anointed to go out and minister.
NO WHERE are Christians told to wait to minister to anyone. As a matter of fact, we are told to preach the word in season and out. The original Greek of that verse says, "when opportunity presents itself and when it doesn't". That means that it is always the right time to minister the Word.
The Bible says that the Gospel IS the power of God unto salvation....
If the Good News is the power of God and we are to preach the Good News, then it must always be the right time to minister to anyone. Many try to feel something, that they assume would be the anointing.
We are not told to wait for an anointing. The early disciples were told to wait until they had received power from on high or more specifically, they were told to wait for the promise of the Father, which happens to be the same thing. They had to wait until the Day of Pentecost for the Holy Spirit to be released. No where after that day are they told to wait. As a matter of fact they began to minister immediately after receiving the Holy Spirit.

So what are most believers waiting for, nothing. What is there excuse, nothing.

What are you going to do now?

GO! DO! BE! All God has planned for you is waiting for you to manifest what you are, a Son of GOD.

John G. Lake's Healing Rooms

What are the John G. Lake Healing Rooms?

The John G. Lake Healing Rooms are a place of hope and healing for any and all that are sick in spirit, mind or body. The Healing Rooms are not a place where the sick come to be taught how to "die with dignity", they are, rather taught how to effectively fight and win the battle for their life. Many are healed instantly.
How are they taught to do that?

Classes in divine healing are held monthly at the Healing Rooms. Anyone desiring ministry is encouraged to attend the FREE classes. It has been the experience of those of us in the healing ministry, that most people are healed within 30 days just by attending these classes. The "program" practiced by the Healing Rooms are one which stresses man's inability to save himself through any works that he may perform and total reliance upon the grace and willingness of God to help man through faith.

The John G. Lake Healing Rooms have been patterned after a healing center that was in operation from 1915 until 1920. During this five year period over 100,000 healings were confirmed by the U.S. Department of Health, in Spokane, WA. Pre-Ministry.

The John G. Lake Healing Rooms welcomes you. It is our pleasure and our privilege to serve you. The Healing Ministry is one that is vastly misunderstood and much maligned. It is our sincere desire that every person ministered to, be instantly and completely healed as well as set free, and born again.

The power to heal comes from God. Therefore, just as electricity comes from the electric utility company to your home, the power to heal flows from God to and through His people. Once the electricity is transmitted into your home by power lines, it can and will wait patiently at the power outlet until demand is placed upon it by plugging an appliance in and turning it on. The power outlet does not make any difference as to whether what is plugged in is a hair dryer or a radio. God is much the same, in that He supplies the power to heal, deliver, etc. He has already made provision for EVERY need mankind could possibly ever have. We as His conduit or conductor, determine what form His power takes. If the problem is a liver destroyed through alcohol or lungs destroyed by cigarettes, it's all the same to God. He has so designed the "system" that whatever the believing person is believing, at the moment of contact, that's what happens. When you are ministered to one of two things will happen: You may feel any several sensations. Your body, soul, and spirit's reaction to the power of God being transmitted from the minister may cause you to feel weak (as though you need to sit down), this is why many times we have the recipient sit while ministry is taking place. Falling "under the power" is and has been a common reaction to the spirit of God. Some people may shake, while others may cry. The reactions are as individual as the people ministering and the people being ministered to. This is also one reason why we often minister to people in private (with only one or two other ministers being present). Some have reported feeling as if warm oil had been poured over their head. The main problem with all these manifestations of the Spirit is that people tend to look to them as evidence that they have received what they were praying for. The only scriptural evidence of answered prayer is the Word of God. Even the physical healing cannot be accepted as the true answer because if you ever got sick again of the same disease or another, you might look at that as evidence that you weren't healed. If you believe the Word of God, are ministered to and see or feel a physical difference, rest assured that the healing took place when you believed; the physical manifestation of the healing was simply the dead fruit falling off the tree.

The other thing that can take place is that you "feel" nothing. This is like going to the dentist or doctor, once you are given a "local" anesthetic, the only way you know something is happening is to look for it. Most people want to feel something, but in reality that is the lowest form of faith. The highest form of faith is to simply take God at His Word. In the world, "seeing is believing", but in Christianity, "believing is seeing". One way to get a clearer picture of this, is by understanding that the more physical evidence you must have to believe, the less faith you are operating in. The less physical evidence you must have to believe, the more faith you are operating in. So if you feel something, fine. If you don't feel anything, fine. Just rest assured, the Healing Technicians are trained to get you from where you are (in sickness, etc.) to health. One of the commitments that are made to every person, seeking ministry at the Healing Rooms is that once we take on a case we will not let go until you are healed. Once your name is put in our prayer journal, we will daily bring your situation before God until you are healed or tell us to quit praying. Of course you are welcome to come in for ministry as often as you sense the need. I mention all this simply to cover all the bases.

Our instantaneous success rate is extremely high. Even the few cases that have not been instant have been healed within a few hours or a few days. This is why it is so important that once you are ministered to, regardless of the visible outcome, you must continually thank God for healing you.

Do not reject your healing by saying that you did not receive healing just because you didn't feel anything. When Jesus cursed the fig tree, it didn't look dead until the next day. It took that long for the life that was in its roots to drain out. In the same way, it sometimes takes a day or two for the "life" of the cancer or tuberculosis, or any other sickness or disease to drain out of it. Should the situation persist for more than 7 days after ministry, please return for another session. After all even Jesus had to pray for a blind man twice.

What you are going to experience is a type of ministry that is quite different from the "normal" praying for the sick that most churches do. I must remind you since we have been ministering in this manner we have had abnormally high results. During "prayer", there will be times of specific statements made to God, to Satan, etc. It will likely be requested that you participate. You will be directed very specifically as to what to say.

All ministry sessions as well as all areas of the Center's facilities are videotaped. This provides both, testimony as to the healing power of God and a safeguard to verify all activities on the premises. All the videotaped healing's will be used in whatever manner the Center sees fit to further the cause of Christ.
Before ministry you may be requested to attend a divine healing teaching session. Should you refuse, we will still pray for you but we will not spend an inordinate amount of time on your case.

Please be aware that without proper Bible teaching concerning healing, you may receive healing only to lose it later. By participating in a simple Bible course on divine healing, you can determine in your heart to accept Christ as your healer and your health. Again, this is not mandatory, just beneficial.

Before ministry, please take a few moments to analyze your life, if you will repent of any sin and accept Jesus, as your Lord and Savior, healing will come very easy. Being a Christian is not mandatory, but it is only fitting that if God should prove Himself to you should you be willing to follow and serve Him.
If you are a Christian, analyze yourself and make sure you have repented of any known sin. It has been our experience that God will heal anyone, anywhere, anytime. Post-Ministry You have been ministered to by: the staff of the John G. Lake Healing Rooms. The healing anointing of the Lord Jesus Christ has been imparted to you in a scriptural manner and to ensure the most effectiveness of this impartation, please read and follow all directions.

Therefore, it is imperative that you do your part, which is as follows:

1. Do not speak any words that do not agree with the Scriptures and/or the prayer of faith, which was spoken over you.

2. Do not base the reality of whether the healing anointing was imparted to you on whether or not you "felt" anything. Man looks on the outward but God looks on the inward so we must leave it totally up to God as to whether or not we "feel" anything when ministered to. Remember, the less faith you have, the more God must give you "feelings" to help collaborate what He is doing in your spirit and body. By the same token, the more faith you have, the less you will need to "feel something".  

3. Each minister at the Healing Rooms is operating according to the measure and/or current level of his gift. Some are more proficient than others at imparting than others. Regardless of this, our commitment to you is to see that you receive healing. Some healing is by degrees whereas at other times it is instantaneous. Do not negate (delay or nullify) your healing by speaking what your senses are reporting if they differ from what the Scriptures clearly say. If you are not healed within a week after receiving ministry, please contact us.

4. There is no limit to the number of times you may visit for ministry. No problem is too large or too small. Our ministers are also available to pray for other problems besides physical healing. 

5. You will be contacted for follow - up ministry by a member of our staff.

6. You should read the "Healing Scriptures" at least 3 times per day. Each time they should read out loud with force. Reading them more often will only help and cannot hurt. You cannot overdose.

7. You must tell others what has occurred. You do not have to mention the Healing Rooms or the minister that prayed for you, but you must give glory to God for healing you.

8. If at all possible you should pray for someone else that has need. If you are unsure of how to minister to them, call us and we will coach you through it. The best way to pray for someone is to pray with the same force and attitude with which you were prayed for.

9. Remember that even if healing is instant, you will be tested to see if you have truly "received" your healing or if you are merely "holding it".

10. When this testing happens remember; it is not God testing you. He knows if you were healed and He knows if you know you were healed. What He is waiting to see is if you will stand up to the enemy (the devil) and tell him what has happened. Usually, very soon after you pass this test the enemy will leave you alone (for a while) and your total healing will be manifested.

11. Extra Information: The only way to truly protect yourself from the attacks of the enemy (Satan), is to immerse yourself in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. You must remember it is not enough to merely agree with those teachings; you must absorb and assimilate them. God's purpose for you is that your life emulates Christ's.


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