Jesus is the only way to fulfill your true destiny

Inspiring Quotes:

Set yourself on fire and people will come to watch you burn. ~John Wesley

What price have you paid for your integrity? If you haven’t paid a price I question your integrity. ~Dennis Bontrager

If your Gospel hasn't touched others, it hasn't touched you. ~Curry Blake

If you haven't found a Gospel worth living for, you haven't found one worth dying for. ~Curry Blake

You've heard it said that wisdom comes with age, but remember it's the wisdom that matters not the age. ~Joshua Mullins

I am not moved by what I see or hear; I am moved by what I believe. ~Smith Wigglesworth

Idolatry is adultery. ~Unknown

I'll see it when I believe it. ~?

An idol is anything you have to check with before you say yes to God. ~Kris Vollotton

It’s been said, "If you are ever jealous of someone else, you just don’t know who you are", I'll add, you probably have no idea what it cost them to be where they are. ~Dennis Bontrager

This is fascinating: your heart knows what to do before your brain does..... Selah. ~Daniel Myers

Being "right" will rarely get you farther than the thing you think is "wrong." ~Daniel Myers

Some doors open in only one direction. It looks like a door... It is a door... I should be able to walk through it...because it is a door. Yet, it opens the way it was created to open. Selah. [John 8:31-32; Jude 17-21; 1 Cor 14:4]~Daniel Myers

You know your mind is renewed when doing the supernatural seems logical. ~Bill Johnson

‎It is God's job to get you to heaven; it is your job to bring heaven on earth. ~Bill Johnson

Every loss is temporary. Every victory is eternal. ~Bill Johnson

Many, instead of saying, "Pray for me", should first say, "Teach me God's word, so that I can intelligently cooperate for my recovery." ~F.F. Bosworth

The right mental attitude or the "Renewed Mind" (Rom 12:2) makes steadfast faith possible to all. ~F.F. Bosworth

After being sufficiently enlightened, our attitudes towards sickness should be the same as our attitude towards sin. ~F.F. Bosworth

We should not ignore any part of the Gospel. Our substitute (Jesus) bore both our sins and our sicknesses that we might be delivered from them. Christ's bearing of our sins and sicknesses is surely a valid reason for trusting Him now for deliverance from both. ~F.F. Bosworth

We need to expose the lies and traditions of man so that we may mobilize the real church, into doing what they were created for, and completing the mission rather than thinking the American dream is the mission. To move away from self help Christianity and into the Gospel of the Kingdom. We're not saying you can't or shouldn't go to church, we're saying you should BE the church that is reaching OUTWARD and NOT inward. Jesus centered Christianity and NOT self centered Christianity! ~John Blake


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